EXILE's KEIJI to star in late night drama 'Monsieur!!'

February 11, 2013 @ 7:14 pm
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KEIJI, the performer from popular dance vocal group EXILE will star in a late night drama on CBC/TBS titled "Monsieur!!". This program will begin airing in April.

Though he has been expanding his activities as an actor through his appearance on several dramas, a movie, and stage plays, this will mark his first leading role for a drama series airing on a terrestrial broadcasting station.

This will be a comedy drama with the story revolving around a restaurant that is in financial crisis. In the drama, KEIJI will play as a genius chef who changes the customers' lives and the restaurant itself, with his cooking. In a real life, KEIJI actually has a cooking license, and also has his own cooking serialization through the magazine "Monthly EXILE." About his character in the drama, KEIJI said, "He is, in a word, a dynamic man. There are some parts which resemble myself, as he is honest, but clumsy and a bit careless." Reportedly, KEIJI participated in giving his own ideas for the menu that will be introduced in the drama. He said, "I get nervous on the scenes I use a kitchen knife. It is especially difficult to slice things while I speak the lines."

KEIJI also said, "Although I feel nervous and pressured, I will work hard to make the most of my acting ability by providing my experiences through stage plays and dramas. Since the drama has a comedic element, I hope the viewers can see a new side of me."

Other cast members include Machida Keita (Gekidan EXILE), Sakata Rikako, Harukawa Kyosuke (Gekidan EXILE), Isomura Yosuke (Gekidan EXILE), and Anan Kenji.

Source & Image: Oricon

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