Concerts / Events to hold their 1st live at Nippon Budokan

January 7, 2014 @ 6:31 am
by ustar
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  • 0 will be holding their first Nippon Budokan live on May 6.

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This was a surprise announcement made on January 5 during the Tokyo performance of 'World Wide☆Dempa Tour 2014'. The announcement video suddenly appeared on the screen above the stage when the girls tried to greet the crowd after the encore.

Because the girls weren't notified of the upcoming Nippon Budokan concert, they were taken aback by the surprise. In tears, Furukawa Mirin said, "We were talking about going to Nippon Budokan this year... so we truly thank everyone who have supported us. Thank you very much!" Aizawa Risa also said, "We will make this tour a success and do our best towards May, so please continue to support us! will release their new single "Sakura Appa-ration" on March 12. It will be available for purchase in 9 different types: Limited Editions A & B, an edition for each member, and Regular Edition.

Source & Image: natalie


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