Kitagawa Keiko is actually related to actress Takahata Atsuko

January 27, 2014 @ 7:53 am
by hayashi_natsumi
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On the January 25th episode of "Jobtune SP" (TBS) it was revealed that actress Kitagawa Keiko (27) is related to veteran actress Takahata Atsuko (59).

Takahata made the admission stating, "I have something to say", she suddenly cut in the conversation and said, "I am actually Keiko-chan's relative."

The MCs, Neptune, and the studio guests were surprised as Kitagawa explained, "My mom is Takahata-san's second cousin."

According to the two actresses, Kitagawa's grandmother is the cousin of Takahata's mother, and Takahata's grandfather was Kitagawa's great-grandfather's brother.

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Once, when Takahata met Kitagawa's grandmother, she said, "My granddaughter is Kitagawa Keiko" and was really surprised. "It was big news at home" Takahata said excitedly while Kitagawa laughed and said that, "I have been told by relatives that I resemble Takahata-san."

Source: Daily Sports Online


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