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Sakamoto Miu to release her first album in a year and 7 months

January 30, 2014 @ 12:18 am
by ustar
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Sakamoto Miu will release her new album "Waving Flags" on March 5th.

This will mark Sakamoto's first original album release in about a year and 7 months. It will be produced by Hasunuma Shuta, and there will be participation from various artists such as the members of Shuta Hasunuma Philharmonic Orchestra, Murata Shige (□□□), Ito Daichi (SAKEROCK), Gondo Tomohiko (pupa), Todaka Masafumi (ART-SCHOOL), and Tamaki ROY

Among the included 11 songs on the album are "Pierrot" provided by Nariyama Tsuyoshi (sleepy.ab) and a cover of illion's song "HIRUNO HOSHI" and □□□'s song "Otogibanashi". 

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[Waving Flags]

01. Door 
02. Q & A?
03. Pierrot
04. HIRUNO HOSHI (illion cover)
05. welcome to the village! 
07. =
08. your name is magic word
09. Otogibanashi (□□□ cover)
10. Waving Flags
11. Yakusoku

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