Yokoshima Aeri announces graduation from AKB48

January 9, 2017 @ 4:36 pm
by ustar
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AKB48 Team B's Yokoshima Aeri has announced her graduation from the group. 

On Google+, Yokoshima wrote, "I had made a decision to graduate if I didn't reach my goal by my 17th birthday. Until the last moment, I did my very best with performances and SNS. However, life is unsweet and I was unable to reach my goal." She continued, "I am not graduating from AKB48 to give up on my dream. I am graduating to make my new dream come true." Details on her graduation will be announced via the group's official website at a later date. 

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Yokohama has been a member of Team B since 'AKB48 Draft Kaigi' in November of 2013.

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