Toyohara Kosuke & Koizumi Kyoko admit they are in an adulterous relationship

February 2, 2018 @ 3:32 am
by ustar
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Actor Toyohara Kosuke (52) and actress Koizumi Kyoko (51) have admitted that they are in a relationship. 

On February 1, Koizumi announced via her official blog that she has gone independent from her agency. At the same time, she confirmed that she is in a relationship with Toyohara, which was recently picked up by a tabloid magazine. The actor also confessed that they "are in a partnership and have romantic feelings for each other."

Furthermore, Toyohara stated, "It is true that I am a married man. However, some of the things that have been reported by the magazine and internet are not true. Some reports have made it seem that I am already divorced. That is not true. I have a family - a wife and a child."

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Toyohara apologized, "Because of this, we have caused worries and trouble to everyone on both sides. I am very sorry." He continued, "This is a problem between me and my family. I am responsible.

Finally, he stated, "My family and I have been living separately for the past three years. They are private citizens who have no involvement with my work. They are carrying out their daily lives in a normal environment. I am very sorry, but I ask that you please refrain from interviewing or inquiring into my family and relatives. I sincerely ask for your understanding."

Source & Image: Oricon


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