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V-kei group Golden Bomber welcome guests on new single

September 9, 2010 @ 9:55 pm
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Visual Kei rock band, Golden Bomber, has announced their new single for October 6th. It will be titled. "Mata Kimi ni Bango wo Kikenakatta". and will feature an impressive number of tracks from the group.

So far, the single will include the title track along with couplings "Neeeeeee!" and "The V-kei ppoi Kyoku (live version)." To make the single even more interesting, they will be featuring numerous guest musicians on the release. "Mata Kimi ni Bango wo Kikenakatta" will have guest bassist Riu, and "Neeeeeee!" will have guest bassist HIROKI. The live track of "The V-Kei" will have shuji (Janne da Arc) on drums, Leda (DELUHI) on guitar, Ikuo on bass, and Kiryu In on violin.

"Mata Kimi ni Bango wo Kikenakatta" will come in three different versions: CD regular, DVD limited A, and DVD limited B.

The limited A version will contain the PV for the title track in a special "Story Edition", and also part 1 of their live at Shibuya O-WEST on August 25th. The limited B edition will come with the music video to the title track in a special "Dance Edition", and will have part 2 of their Shibuya live. Even the normal release of the CD comes with something nice for fans, as it will contain a type C of the PV in a mix play edition, and will have the "making of" for the video.


Source: Neowing / Official Golden Bomber Site


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