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Director Miyazaki Hayao's "Yadosagashi" & "Mizugumo Monmon" to be screened at Carnegie Hall

March 4, 2011 @ 4:20 am
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Miyazaki Hayao

This March, New York's Carnegie Hall will receive the honor of hosting the first overseas screening ofMiyazaki Hayao's animated film shorts,"Yadosagashi" and "Mizugumo Monmon". Both will be screened in the Zankel Hall, which seats approximately 600.

This screening is part of Carnegie Hall's citywide festival, 'Japan NYC', which is led by artistic director Ozawa Seiji. These two works, which up until now have only been shown to domestic audiences, are garnering much interest for their international debut. Indeed, Miyazaki's high reputation overseas can be seen from the way Carnegie Hall's official website introduces him as "Japan's Legendary Film Director".

Like the many short films being screened at the Mitaka Forest Ghibli Museum in Japan, "Yadosagashi" and "Mizugumo Monmon" are works that were produced by Miyazaki. Both announced in 2006, "Mizugumo Monmon" features music by Studio Ghibli and vocals fromYano Akiko. In "Yadosagashi", Yano as well as Tamori lent their voices and sound effects, but it is an experimental piece with hardly any spoken lines.

Part I of 'Japan NYC' was held in December of 2010, and Part II will run from March to April of this year. Miyazaki's films' appearance is planned for March 26th.

Source & Photo: Yahoo! Japan


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