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Mizca announces new single, "Rafiora"

May 16, 2011 @ 12:34 pm
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SingerMizca has announced that she will release a new single on June 15th, titled "Rafiora (Girl's Key Version)".

The single is a cover of Visual Kei bandGolden Bomber's charity song that was released in March on NicoNico. Golden Bomber's vocalist, Kiryuuin Shou, will help produce the song; it is his first time producing. The song title is short for "Life is alright", and it's a song that anyone in Japan can enjoy because it's a song of strength and encouragement.

The coupling song, "Delightfully", is a song that matches her "Mitsuoka Masami" era, as it's the perfect summer-positive song. She will also do a cover of "My Room Disco Night" by Easy Pop (consisting of Hatsune Miku, Megurine Luka, and GUMI from Vocaloid.)

The CD-EXTRA will come with the "Rafiora" music video, and Golden Bomber's bassist, Utahiroba Jun, will help choreograph the music video.


Track List:
1. Rafiora (Girl's Key Version)
2. Delightfully
3. My Room Disco Night

1. Rafiora (Girl's Key Version) Video Clip


Now the original version of the song will be released on Golden Bomber's upcoming single, "Boku Quest", on June 1st, and the song "My Room Disco Night" will be released on Easy Pop's first major album, "Heartful Sequence", on June 22nd.

Check out the original songs by Golden Bomber and Easy Pop below!

You can also hear a sample of Mizca's version on her official website.

Source: natalie, Official Website


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