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Itano Tomomi & Taylor Momsen to feature in a new Samantha Thavasa CM

June 29, 2011 @ 5:01 am
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[caption id="attachment_167443" align="aligncenter" width="600" caption="Left to Right: Yamamoto Mizuki, Laura, Ebihara Yuri, Michibata Jessica, Itano Tomomi, Tsuchiya Hazuki"][/caption]

On June 28th, AKB48s Itano Tomomi (19), Ebihara Yuri (31), and Michibata Jessica (26) visited a promotional event as image characters for a fashion brand, Samantha Thavasa. At that event, it was announced that they will be featured in a new Samantha Thavasa CM, titled Samantha Muse ALL STARS CM.

This particular CM will be scheduled to air in August and will feature seven various female models and actresses in total, including Laura (21), Yamamoto Mizuki (19), Tsuchiya Hazuki (17), and Taylor Momsen (17).

The director of this CM, Ninagawa Mika (38), expressed, They are women of beauty worth a national treasure. She continued, I hope that the smiles of these beautiful women will make Japan happy.

Check out the pictures from the event below!

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Source: Sanspo

Images: Model Press


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