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Which celebrity do you want to share an umbrella with?

June 11, 2011 @ 10:00 pm
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With the rainy season starting in Japan this month, people are getting depressed and finding it troublesome to go outside. But if you could go out with your ideal person under the same umbrella, things certainly wouldn't be bad!

Its no wonder goo decided to seek out who their viewers wanted to share an umbrella with.

goo polled both men and women to find out which celebrity they would want share an umbrella with, and the results are quite colorful.

Check out the results below and let us know if your ideal celebrity is on the list as well!


[Which male celebrity would you want to share an umbrella with?]

10. Mizobata Junpei

9. Eita

8. Matsuyama Kenichi

6. Koide Keisuke

6. Oguri Shun

5. Ichihara Hayato

4. Sato Ken

3. Narimiya Hiroki

2. Miura Haruma

1. Mukai Osamu


[Which female celebrity would you want to share an umbrella with?]

10. Kitagawa Keiko

9. Miyazaki Aoi

8. Horikita Maki

7. Nagasawa Masami

6. Aibu Saki

5. Ishihara Satomi

3. Toda Erika

3. Ueto Aya

2. Aragaki Yui

1. Ayase Haruka

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