Kim Tae Hee to star in her first Japanese drama next season

August 24, 2011 @ 9:30 pm
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Today, Fuji TV announced a new fall drama called "Boku to Star no 99 Nichi", starring actor Japanese actor Nishijima Hidetoshi (40) and South Korean actress Kim Tae Hee (31).

For Nishijima, this will be his first starring role in a commercial drama. Thus far in his career, the actor tended to be more active on the big screen and only chose a few supporting drama roles. On the other hand, Kim Tae Hee received a lot of attention in Japan for her role in the South Korean blockbuster drama "IRIS", that aired on TBS last year. She's going to challenge her first starring role in a Japanese drama with this project.

"Boku to Star no 99 Nichi" is going to be a light romantic comedy, with Kim Tae Hee playing the role of 'Han Yuna', a big South Korean star just like her real life self. One day she happens to run into an ordinary, and pretty boring, 40-year-old man called 'Namiki Kouhei' (Nishijima), who somehow makes her fall head over heels in love with him.

Nishijima commented, "I've always wanted to do a fun love story that still manages to pull at your heartstrings."

Meanwhile, Kim Tae Hee is eagerly learning Japanese for the drama and stated, "Japanese is really difficult, but I hope that it will become a drama people from both countries, Japan and Korea, will be able to sympathy with."

The drama is going to air every Sunday at 9pm, a tough time slot, as it has to compete against TBS and their big-budget Kimura Takuya drama "Nankyoku Tairiku".

Source + Images: Sanspo


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