Eleven idols to appear in new cheerleading movie, "Cheerfu11y"!

September 9, 2011 @ 1:27 am
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What do you get when you take an idol, mix in a little cheerleadingand dancing and then multiply it by 11? A movie full of idol cheerleaders, that's what!

Universal Music has announced a new cheerleading movie starring 11 idols called, 'Cheerfu11y'. The movie stars Kikkawa Yuu and ex-Momoiro Clover member Hayami Akari. Alongside them are Passpo? members Tamai Anna, Anzai Naomi, Sakuma Kaho, and Mori Shiori. 'Up-Up Girls' Furukawa Kontasu and Mori Saki will join them, along with Akiyama Yurika and Goto Yuki from 'THE Possible', and Niwa Mikiho from 'Canary Club'.

The premise of the movie is about all eleven girls attending an all-girls high school, when one day they break an important bronze statue. In order to pay and repair it, they enter a cheerleading competition, in hopes of winning then using the prize money to cover the debt.

Kikkawa said that the girls all practiced many times and tried their best when filming, while Hayami hopes that it everyone's feelings can become one.

Check out the movie trailer below!

Cheerfu11y will hit theaters nation-wide on October 22nd.

Source: Cheerfu11y Official Homepage, Sanspo
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