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Gouriki Ayame & Kikukawa Rei attend 'Kimono Queen Contest 2012'

February 19, 2012 @ 8:14 pm
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On February 18th, actresses Kikukawa Rei (33) and Gouriki Ayame (19) made their appearance Kimono Queen Contest 2012 in gorgeous kimonos at this event.

At this contest, Kikukawa wore a simple, white kimono while Gouriki wore an elegant, black kimono to this event. Regarding this annual contest, Gouriki stated, I love kimonos. It was a lot of fun. She added, I think a white kimono is perfect for a wedding. I yearn for it, and admired a traditional Japanese wedding.

Then Kikukawa, Gourikis senior at her agency, declared, I hope she doesnt get married before me! In response to this light joke, Gouriki assured her with, I wouldnt, I wouldnt. I would marry when I find time in my personal life. Kikukawa then revealed, I dont have any plan of marrying just yet, I want to ask God when the time will come, and smiled with this comment.

Check out their kimono figures below!

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Source & Images: Sanspo


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