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EXILE AKIRA attends press conference for upcoming drama 'GTO'

June 23, 2012 @ 12:10 pm
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On June 22nd, EXILE's AKIRA attended a press conference for the upcoming Fuji TV drama 'GTO', which will be airing every Tuesday at 10:00pm starting from July 3rd. This drama is based on the popular manga series of the same name by Fujisawa Toru that was serialized from 1997 to 2002 in 'Weekly Shounen Magazine'. The drama adaptation in 1998 starring Sorimachi Takashi became one of the popular drama series.

This new drama series will include the episodes from 'GTO ?SHONAN 14DAYS?'; the new "GTO" series, which was serialized in 2009 to 2011, features stories about bullying, conflicts with parents, love, abuse, dreams for the future, and more happenings at school and home.

AKIRA, who had read an original comic and will be playing his first lead role in the drama series, stated, "I am not excessively eager, but to be straightforward, I am happy. I want to meet the expectations of everyone to play the role as I am." He also stated on his role, "Everyone told me I look like him, and I also think he's a bit of a perverted character, but his pure heart is similar to mine."

GTO stands for 'Great Teacher Onizuka', and AKIRA explained himself that 'JOA' stood for "Jitsu wa Onchi na AKIRA" ("In reality, AKIRA is tone?deaf"), causing the cast and press to laugh.

Takimoto Miori, who is playing the heroine 'Fuyutsuki Azusa', stated, "At the beginning, I thought my character was a student, but it's a teacher. I'm doing my best to come across as a teacher." Kuroki Hitomi, principal 'Sakurai Ryoko', stated, "Every time, I am impressed by Onizuka teacher's well?phrased remarks. I'm like 'It's true!' as parents, not as my role as a principal."

Other cast members who attended the conference includeYamamoto Yusuke as 'Saejima Toshiyuki' (Onizukas friend and police officer), Shirota Yu as 'Danma Ryuji' (Onizukas friend and manager of a cafe), Tayama Ryosei as the head teacher 'Uchiyamada Hiroshi', Takachi Noboru as the music teacher 'Hashimoto Tetsuo', Takizawa Saori as health teacher 'Moritaka Naoko', and Yano Masato as mathematics teacher 'Teshigawara Suguru'.


Source : Oricon


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