Satoda Mai & Tanaka Masahiro to hold wedding ceremony in Hawaii

November 30, 2012 @ 9:40 am
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On November 29, it was revealed that baseball team Tohoku Rakuten Golden Eagless ace Tanaka Masahiro (24) and talent Satoda Mai (28) will hold their marriage ceremony in Hawaii during the beginning of December. The pair officially registered for marriage in March of this year. Their ceremony, which takes place before Christmas, creates a romantic mood for the couple to state their vows of eternal love on the southern islands.

Satoda, who updated her blog today, answered questions from her fans. She wrote, Recently, comments like 'When is the wedding ceremony? Are you not holding a reception??' have come and gone. I will have a wedding ceremony~. However, she did not state the date or location of her ceremony. It is said that the couple has only invited friends and family to their ceremony.

She expressed her happiness about being able to wear a wedding dress and playfully stated her Brides Vows: In order to create the best memories and to make sure that the ceremony day is fun for my family, I have been working hard on preparations!! I am avoiding overeating!! I am preventing acne!! Oh!!

Tanaka and Satodas passionate relationship was revealed in November 2010. They continued to date openly. They announced their engagement in January of this year and registered for marriage on March 20 of this year.

Source: Daily Sports via Yahoo News Japan


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