Hoshino Gen announces his hiatus due to subarachnoid hemorrhage

December 23, 2012 @ 11:02 pm
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On December 22nd, singer-songwriter/actor Hoshino Gen (31) announced through his official website that he has been diagnosed with subarachnoid hemorrhage and received surgery the very day of his diagnosis.

The message on his official website read, "Fortunately, he was able to have surgery on the day of the examination. Because we were able to deal with it early, he is progressing favorably after the operation. He is recovering steadily."

Hoshino went to get an examination at a hospital after experiencing poor health and was diagnosed with subarachnoid hemorrhage. His representative explained, "Since the time he fell ill to after the surgery, he has been conscious at all times. He is also able to hold conversations."

As such, Hoshino will be going on hiatus, "Hewill take a break for a short while to devote his time to recovery," and will aim for a comeback as soon as possible, "While keeping a close watch on his physical condition, we are making preparations with a goal for his return around next spring."

Source & Image: Oricon


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