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Nakagawa Shoko to release live DVD/Blu-ray + mini-album

December 18, 2012 @ 1:08 pm
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It's been revealed that Nakagawa Shoko will be releasing her new live DVD/Blu-ray, "UCHI-LIVE, SOTO-LIVE!!", on December 26th. She will also release a new mini-album called "UCHI-SHIGOTO, SOTO-SHIGOTO!!" on January 9th.

This year, Nakagawa further expanded her activities by holding an Asia tour and collaborating with various artists. Her upcoming live DVD/Blu-ray "UCHI-LIVE, SOTO-LIVE!!" will feature footage from her live and documentary from her Asia tour as well as footage from her concert at Shibuya Kokaido in September.

Meanwhile, her new mini-album "UCHI-SHIGOTO, SOTO-SHIGOTO!!" will contain collaboration songs with DECO*27 and RAM RIDER along with songs that has never been released on CD.

Check out the jacket covers and track list below!





Nakagawa Shoko Giza 10 Shoko Nama Tour!! 2012:

01. Opening
02. Dream Driver
03. pretty please chocolate on top
04. Tsuyogari
05. GIZA10 Medley (Seno de Koi Shichae? / Mitsubachi no Sasayaki / Kokoro no Antennae / Shiny GATE / Lavender)
06. souffle secret
07. Discovery
08. Uchuu de Propose
09. GAME
10. Toki Meki?Dreamer
11. Amayadori
12. Sen no Kotoba to Futari no Himitsu
14. Namida no Tane, Egao no Hana
15. Flying Humanoid
16. Horizon
17. Tsuzuku Sekai
18. Sorairo Days
19. starry pink
20. Kirei A la Mode
21. rainbow forecast
22. Brilliant Dream
23. calling location
24. Ending

Nakagawa Shoko Asia Tour Document:

01. Opening
02. Sorairo Days
03. Document ~Hong Kong~
04. Zankoku na Tenshi no Thesis
05. Document ~Taiwan~
06. Live Digest (CAT Life / souffle secret / rainbow forecast / pretty please chocolate on top)
07. Document ~Singapore~
08. TYRANT too young
09. Tsuyogari
10. Document ~Shanghai~
11. Ending



01. Rolling star
(from YUI Tribute Album "SHE LOVES YOU")
02. Amayadori feat. Nakagawa Shoko / DECO*27
(from DECO*27 Album "Love Calendar")
03. RAINBOW -Namida no Ato de- starring Nakagawa Shoko / RAM RIDER
04. Pegasus Gensou ver.? / MAKE-UP feat. Nakagawa Shoko
(Theme Song for TV Anime 'Saint Seiya ?')
05. Hitori no Kimi ga Umareta Tosa
(Opening Theme for TV Anime 'Furusato Saisei: Nihon no Mukashi Banashi' *First CD Release)
06. Arukou
(Ending Theme for TV Anime 'Furusato Saisei: Nihon no Mukashi Banashi' *First CD Release)
07. Pegasus Gensouver.? / MAKE-UP feat. Nakagawa Shoko TV-EDIT
08. Hitori no Kimi ga Umareta Tosa TV-EDIT
09. Arukou TV-EDIT

01. Amayadori feat. Nakagawa Shoko -Music Video-


Source & Photos: natalie


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