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Fukuyama Masaharu to release a new double A-side single in April

March 10, 2013 @ 1:04 am
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On March 9th, singer/actor Fukuyama Masaharu announced during his radio show, 'Tamashii no Radio', that he would release a new double A-side single 'Tanjoubi niwa Masshiro na Yuri wo/Get the groove' on April 10th. This release will be his 30th single.

One of the title tracks "Tanjoubi niwa Masshiro na Yuri wo" is the theme song to TBS' ongoing drama "Tonbi" which stars Uchino Masaaki, while the other title track "Get the groove" is the CM song for Asahi Super Dry.

Two songs "Ai wa Kaze no youni" and "Good Job", which were recorded from his live concert "Fuyu no Daikanshasai Sono Juuni" held back in December 2012, will be included as coupling tracks.

Fukuyama also revealed that he would start performing on music programs along with the release of this new single.

Additionally, a new season of the drama"Galileo" starring Fukuyama will also begin airing on April 15th.

Source & Image: Oricon

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