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AKB48 announces member lineup changes + first 5 major dome tour

April 28, 2013 @ 4:46 pm
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April 28th was the final day of "AKB48 Group Rinji Soukai ~Shiro Kuro Tsukeyoujanaika!~", the 4-day concert held at the Nippon Budokan, at which AKB48 and their sister groups appeared.

When the concert was coming to an end, the general manager of AKB48 Theater, Togasaki Tomonobu, announced "the personnel changes for spring."

The announcement included the promotions of some Kenkyuusei,cancellationsof a concurrent post for some members, and appointments of a concurrent post for some members.

It was also announced that HKT48's Sashihara Rino will be the HKT48 theater manager as a concurrent post. It will be a "double manager system", as she will liven up HKT48 together with the current theater manager, Ozaki Atsushi.

Moreover, there was another announcement that AKB48 would hold their first 5 major dome tour starting in July and ending in August. The announcement was made during the encore through a video message by Inose Naoki, the Governor of Tokyo, and a scream of delight went up from the audience of 11,000.

The general director of AKB48 group, Takahashi Minami, expressed her joy with tearful eyes, and also revealed that she felt the group lacked direction after the group had achieved their dream to hold a live concert at the Tokyo dome last August. "It was hard to keep running without having a goal," she said. "Each of us will build up our strength, and I hope to share the great time with all of you fans at the 5 major domes."

Their 5 major dome tour will kick off at the Fukuoka Yafuoku! Dome at July 20th and 21st, and they will make stops at the Sapporo Dome (7/31), the Kyocera Dome Osaka (8/7, 8/8), the Nagoya Dome (8/16, 8/17), and the Tokyo Dome (8/22~8/25).

Below is the changes in the members announced on the day.


?Promoted members?
Hirata Rina ? Team K
Sasaki Yukari ? Team A
Omori Miyuu ? Team B

?Cancellation ofconcurrentposts?
Kitahara Rie ? only in AKB team K
Yokoyama Yui ? only in AKB team A
Ishida Anna ? only in SKE team KII
Kotani Riho ? only in NMB team N

?Appointment of concurrent posts?
Oba Mina ? both in AKB team B and SKE team KII
Ichikawa Miori ? both in AKB team B and NMB team N
Furuhata Nao ? both in SKE team E and AKB team K
Yagura Fuuko ? both in NMB team M and AKB team A
Kodama Haruka ? both in HKT team H and AKB team A

Miyazawa Sae ? both in SNH and AKB team K
Suzuki Mariya ? both in SNH and AKB team A
Takajo Aki ? both in JKT and AKB team B

Sashihara Rino ? HKT team H and HKT48 theater manager


Source & Image: Oricon (1+2)

Thanks to Katherine &Josh Tan for the tip!


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