Former Biyuuden member Miyoshi Erika gets married

April 9, 2013 @ 6:28 am
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Former idol group Biyuuden member Miyoshi Erika has registered her marriage on April 8th.

On April 9th, Miyoshi updated her official blog with an entry titled, "Announcement." She reported, "I, Miyoshi Erika, have registered my marriage on April 8, 2013. My partner is an IT company employee from Sapporo. Although this is a sudden announcement, I am very happy to have gotten married in the year I turn 29." She plans to continue her work from Sapporo.

Miyoshi reflected, "My dream of becoming a singer came true. At 18, I left my hometown and experienced many wonderful things as a member of Hello! Project and Biyuuden." She also expressed her gratitude towards the members, staff, and fans, saying, "Everything is my lifetime treasure."

"While supporting each other, I hope to grant my longtime small dream of 'making a happy family in my hometown in Sapporo' with him. I hope to move forward one step at a time while feeling each day's happiness."

Miyoshi formed Biyuuden in 2004 with Ishikawa Rika and Okada Yui, and debuted with "Koi no Nukegara". Ever since the group disbanded in 2008, she has been starring in stage performances. She graduated from Hello! Project in 2009.


Source & Image: Cinema Today
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