Actor Kyo Nobuo announces marriage & birth of first child

October 8, 2019 @ 2:55 am
by ustar
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On October 6, actor Kyo Nobuo (40) announced via his blog that he got married in February of last year and welcomed his first child, a baby girl, on September 24. 

Kyo uploaded a photo of a handwritten message, which stated, "I, Kyo Nobuo, registered my marriage in February of last year. My wife is a non-celebrity woman. Also, on September 24 at 12:54 am, I was able to welcome my baby girl weighing 2,770 grams (6 lb. 1 oz.).

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Reportedly, Kyo was able to witness his daughter's birth, and both mom and baby are in healthy condition. He reflected, "When I heard our baby's first cry, I couldn't stop my tears from flowing. I was really moved." He continued, "I will continue to do my best in order to become an actor that everyone can enjoy. Please continue to support me.


Source & Image: Model Press


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