Buruzon Chiemi to leave Watanabe Entertainment

March 19, 2020 @ 2:54 am
by ustar
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It's been announced that comedian Buruzon Chiemi will be leaving Watanabe Entertainment on March 31. 

On March 18, Buruzon revealed on Instagram, "I will be leaving Watanabe Entertainment, who has taken care of me over the past 4 years. I am grateful from the bottom of my heart to everyone at the office who supported me as Buruzon Chiemi." She continued, "From now on, as 'Fujiwara Shiori,' my real name, I will listen to my heart and live by my instincts.

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Buruzon had planned on studying abroad in Italy, but due to the outbreak of COVID-19, she plans to stay in Japan for the time being. Finally, she stated, "Although it will be in a different way, I hope to continue delivering things that will excite everyone. Only do what your heart tells you!"

Source & Image: Owarai natalie


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