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Posted by ustar TH STAFF Friday, November 13, 2020

Hey! Say! JUMP to release 8th album, 'Fab! -Music speaks.-'


Hey! Say! JUMP will release their new album "Fab! -Music speaks.-" on December 16. 

The theme of the group's eighth original album is "music x fairytale." It will include new songs with fairytale motifs provided by various artists including Ziyoou-Vachi's Avu-chan (Little Red Riding Hood), YOASOBI's Ayase (Arabian Nights), Shimizu Shota (Snow White), Okazaki Taiiku (The Boy Who Cried Wolf), Mafumafu (Hansel and Gretel), and wacci's Hashiguchi Yohei (Peter Pan).

The album will be released in Limited Editions 1 and 2 and a Regular Edition. Limited Edition 1 will come with a DVD containing the music video and making-of footage for the album lead track "Fab-ism", which was written and composed by Tsujimura Yuki. Meanwhile, the Limited Edition 2 DVD will contain the MV and making-of for "Okami Seinen", which was written and composed by Avu-chan as well as the promotional video for "Chiya Ichiya" provided by Ayase and "Naimononedari" by Hashiguchi. 



01. Fab-ism
[Lyrics: Tsujimura Yuki / Composition & Arrangement: Tsujimura Yuki, Ito Ken]

02. I am
[Lyrics: Meerkat / Composition: Furuse Kai / Arrangement: 004, Endo Naoki]

02. Okami Seinen
[Lyrics & Composition: Barazono Avu / Arrangement: Ziyoou-Vachi, Tsukada Koji]

04. Muah Muah
[Lyrics: Tsujimura Yuki / Composition: Tsujimura Yuki, Ito Ken / Arragnement: Ishizuka Tomoki]

05. Chiya Ichiya
[Lyrics, Composition & Arrangement: Ayase]

06. Your Song
[Lyrics: Ogura Shinquo, Tsujimura Yuki / Composition: Ogura Shinquo / Arrangement: Ishizuka Tomoki]

07. Jazzy Cut
[Lyrics, Composition & Arrangement: A-bee]

08. Snow White
[Lyrics: Shimizu Shota / Composition: Shimizu Shota, MANABOON / Arrangement: MANABOON]

09. Liar
[Lyrics, Composition & Arrangement: Okazaki Taiiku]

10. Last Mermaid…
[Lyrics & Composition: Kaoru / Arragnement: Sasaki Hirofumi]

[Lyrics: Kurihara Satoru (Jazzin'park), JUN, AKIRA / Composition & Arrangement: Andreas Ohrn, Peter Bostrom]

12. Puppet
[Lyrics: KiUi / Composition: Geek Boy AI Swettenham, KiUi / Arrangement: Geek Boy AI Swettenham]

13. Kiss Your Lips
[Lyrics: Okada Kazunari / Composition: Okada Kazunari, Kido Hiroshi / Arrangement: Endo Naoki]

14. Otogi to Shiru Sekai
[Lyrics & Composition: Mafumafu / Arrangement: Mafumafu, Mitsuya Zenko]

15. Naimononedari
[Lyrics & Composition: Hashiguchi Yohei / Arrangement: wacci]

16. Last forever
[Lyrics & Composition: Furuse Kai / Arrangement: Sasaki Hirofumi]

17. Yami no Saki e Bokura wa Arukidasu (Regular Edition Only)
[Lyrics: Tsujimura Yuki / Composition & Arrangement: Tsujimura Yuki, Ito Ken]

Limited Edition 1 DVD

  • "Fab-ism" Video Clip & Making

Limited Edition 2 DVD

  • "Okami Seinen" Video Clip & Making
  • "Okami Seinen" Promotion Video
  • "Chiya Ichiya" Promotion Video
  • "Naimononedari" Promotion Video
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