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Posted by kitto-nakajima 117 pts Friday, October 1, 2021

New Johnny’s Artist Channels Open up to Viewer-Submitted Subtitles


Beginning today, followers of Johnny & Associates’ mainstream groups will also be able to submit subtitled tracks for YouTube.

First launched in June of this year as an exclusive option for videos published to the Johnnys’ Jr. Channel, the viewer subtitle submission program, powered by non-profit captioning platform Amara.org, opened the gates for non-Japanese speakers across the globe to engage with and enjoy the videos of JPOP’s rising stars. Under the new program expansion, interested viewers of any of the following channels can now participate as well:



King & Prince


Snow Man

Naniwa Danshi

Virtual Johnny’s Project Official

Johnny's Gaming Room

While this phase is as yet limited to variety content (ie, excludes music videos, recording videos, dance videos, etc.) the music portions of the Johnnys’ Jr. Channel remain open and welcome to submissions, as well as all videos live on the Johnnys’ Jr. Channel PLUS official subchannel.

How to Submit Subtitles to a Johnny’s Artist Channel

Step One:

Register for a free account at https://amara.org

Step Two:

Select the "Amara Public Workspace" option in the upper left navigation, and follow the instructions to add a video for which you wish to create subtitles OR help someone else finish theirs.

Step Three:

Choose your desired language from the list of options, then use Amara.org's custom software to create your subtitles.

Step Four:

Once finished, make sure to also translate the video's title and description, then click the "Publish" button.

Step Five:

Send the Amara video URL to the below email address:
[email protected]

*Please be sure to provide the specific URL of the language you have subtitled.

*The previously reported e-mail address "[email protected]" will continue to facilitate Johnnys' Junior video submissions.

Upon receipt, the translation will be reviewed by a dedicated staff person, and once approved, the subtitles will be uploaded to the corresponding channel's YouTube admin account to watch directly from YouTube!

Please note the following when submitting:

・At present, only subtitles for videos currently published to the above-listed channels can be accepted.

・Some videos may be ineligible for volunteer subtitling, at the sole discretion of the approver.

・In the event of multiple submissions for the same video and language, only one will be accepted.

・Revisions to already published subtitles will not be accepted.

・Submissions without accompanying translations of a video's title and video description will not be accepted. Please be careful to note that YouTube video titles have a maximum limit of 100 characters in all languages.

・Speaker prompts should be consistent as either the talent in questions’ full surname, or be left “film style” with no speaker prompts, throughout any given video.

・The above listed e-mail address is for submissions only. This address is automated, and may not be able to assist with questions or requests.

・Changes to the service, including but not limited to the method or timeframe of submission acceptance, may be implemented without prior notice.

・All necessary measures will be taken for strict safety management so that the personal information kept will not be obtained unreasonably by a third party.

It is an exciting development and one that is sure to go a long way in bridging new global audiences with Johnny & Associates' ongoing global outreach efforts!

  1. Arashi
  2. Ninomiya Kazunari
  3. Johnny's Jr.
  4. KAT-TUN
  5. King & Prince
  6. Naniwa Danshi
  7. Kikuchi Fuma
  8. SixTONES
  9. Snow Man
  10. Yamada Ryosuke
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