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Posted by Ari-Gold TH STAFF 26 days ago

Watch Hey! Say! JUMP's 'Daisuki na Kimi e' Music Video: Heartwarming Tribute to Unwavering Friendship


In the official music video for "Daisuki na Kimi e (だいすきなきみへ)," Hey! Say! JUMP takes us on a heartwarming journey through the unbreakable bond between a child and his faithful canine companion. The video is a touching portrayal of their enduring friendship.

The music video is a cute cartoon-style animation that follows the life of a child and his dog. It begins with their first meeting, capturing the excitement of their playful interactions. They embark on adventures, play fetch outside, and even get dirty together. The video beautifully illustrates the moments of pure joy as the child and his dog share their days.

As time passes, the child grows up and starts going to school, and his loyal dog watches over him. Each day, the dog patiently waits for his friend's return, embodying the unwavering loyalty between them. They continue to share moments of togetherness, from watching TV to sleeping side by side.

The video takes a heartwarming turn as the child dreams of flying through the sky with his beloved dog among a sea of stars. This dream sequence showcases the depth of their connection, which transcends time and age.

The lyrics of "Daisuki na Kimi e" express a profound sense of affection and gratitude. The song speaks of the deep connection between the child and his dog, emphasizing their unbreakable friendship. It conveys the message that they will always be there for each other and expresses their love and appreciation for one another.

In summary, the music video and lyrics beautifully encapsulate the enduring and heartwarming relationship between the child and his dog, celebrating the remarkable bond they share, even as time goes by. It's a touching tribute to the unwavering love and loyalty between friends.

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