Sasaki Nozomi debuts as a designer!

June 15, 2010 @ 6:23 am
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Hot model and actress, Sasaki Nozomi, appeared at the opening party with her dog "marron" for her own apparel shop "Cotton Cloud."

Nozomi set up her shop with the wish of wearing matching clothing with her loving dogs.

Nozomi is picky over the materials and quality, hence it's all  "made in Japan."

"I never expected to have my own brand shop like this.  Since I have wanted to be a designer, I feel like crying today," she says.

In addition, she stated, "When I design, I think about what I want my dogs to wear first and how cute they will be."

Nozomi is a true dog lover.  However, when the interviewer asked her, "How about pair clothing with your boyfriend?"  She flatly stated that she had no interest in pair clothing with boyfriend.  Nozomi also said she does not have a boyfriend.

The price for the dog clothing is about $20~30, and a dog cafe is set up as an annex to the shop.
"I will be here at least once a week.  So, please come over to the shop!"

If you are also a dog lover, go check it out!  You may be able to see her there!



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