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What?! tokyohive is finally here!

June 14, 2010 @ 9:15 pm
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After over a year of planning, discussing, designing, trashing things and starting all over from scratch, tokyohive is finally here!

Yea, we know it's well overdue and it's been a very looooooonnnggg wait for everyone, but doesn't it look great?!

Anyway, since Japanese culture is so interesting, tokyohive will be providing coverage on all things Japanese, not only celebrities.  Although there will be a heavy emphasis on  j-pop, j-rock and celebrity gossip, don't be surprised if you see posts on anime, gravure models (my personal favorite) or crazy bento boxes!

A little shy of 3 years after the launch of our flagship site allkpop.com, tokyohive is the second addition to the 6Theory Media family.  What's cool about that though, is that if you have an account on allkpop already, you can use the same login credentials to login to tokyohive - so start commenting and join in on the fun!

Finally, to celebrate the launch of tokyohive we will be giving away, 2 JJ Magazines and 2 ViVi Magazines, featuring Tohoshinki.  Yes, these are the special limited edition magazines where Tohoshinki graced the covers, making history.

To win one of these magazines, all you have to do is follow tokyohive on Twitter or Facebook.  We will choose 2 winners from each site, exactly one week from today - June 21st!

Thanks for all the love and support throughout the years!



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