Orlando Bloom for Uniqlo's global ad campaign

October 1, 2010 @ 9:19 am
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It’s not recent news that Japan’s biggest retail clothing shop, Uniqlo, is now going global, with some stores opening in other countries like France. Of course, if something goes global, it also needs a global campaign, which must feature a globally acclaimed star.

For Uniqlo’s global campaign, famous British actor Orlando Bloom has been chosen to promote Uniqlo’s winter collection, which started airing CMs on September 30th. The ad mostly shows Orlando Bloom wearing a crew neck HEATTECH top under a down parka jacket while snowboarding on a cold winter morning. The ad comes with Bloom’s narration about those winter days that you just get the feeling of going out whatever the weather is.

So, what is Bloom’s comment about Uniqlo’s clothes?

Their clothes are comfortable and the texture’s great. They’re the kind of unpretentious clothes that anyone can wear.

Source + Photo: Japan Today


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