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Johnny's Jr. singing battle to be aired on New Year's Eve

November 28, 2010 @ 6:24 am
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[caption id="attachment_107892" align="aligncenter" width="298" caption="Yamashita Tomohisa & Kamenashi Kazuya as "Shuji to Akira""][/caption]

On November 27th, a huge concert featuring Johnny's Jr. members and trainees - "Nenmatsu Young Touzai Uta Gassen! Touzai Jr. Senbatsudaishugo 2010!" - was held at the NHK Hall. The concert was held in the format of a singing battle between the "A.B.C-Z + Johnny's Jr. Senbatsu" (East) team and the "Nakayama Yuma + Kansai Johnny's Jr. Senbatsu" (West) team.

A.B.C-Z members acted as hosts, and a total of 250 Jr.'s performed on the stage; there were 4 stages in all (once on the 26th, and three times on the 27th), which pulled in approximately 14,400 fans.

For the 27th's afternoon concert, KAT-TUN's Kamenashi Kazuya and NEWSYamashita Tomohisa showed up as "Shuji to Akira"(a special temporary unit) and performed "Seishun Amigo" together. NYC also appeared as a guest, but one of the more exciting factors was that a new group was introduced for the first time! Named "Ja(PA)Nese(HI)! (ジャPAニーズHI!)", the group consists of 52 members who were chosen amongst the trainees by audition.

On New Year's Eve, the concert from the night of the 27th will be broadcasted as "Toshiwasure! Johnny's Touzai Uta Gassen" on TV Asahi (15:30-16:45 PM).

Additionally, the president of JE, Johnny Kitagawa, stated that he was aware of NHK's "Kohaku", and that he always wanted to make a "Young Kohaku" since it's difficult for young artists to be invited to the awards show.  He also said that he is planning to make it an annual event like "Kohaku".

Source: Chunichi sports


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