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RIP SLYME rocks their Xmas live and announces national tour/album

December 28, 2010 @ 6:14 pm
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On December 25th hip-hop group RIP SLYME held their Christmas live "SWEET 10 X'mas LIVE" at Zepp Tokyo. Not only did they give their fans with a great show but they also surprised them with the announcement of a new album and national tour.

RIP SLYME has a tradition of doing one man shows each year on Christmas as they love closing out the year with a simple live event.  This year the set list mainly focused on their two recently released best collections, "GOOD TIMES" and "BAD TIMES."  The show contained many hit numbers as well as "One (CHRISTMAS CLASSIC version)," "Hoshi ni Negai wo," and "Present" to display a Christmas theme.

During the MC segment RYO-Z announced the release of a new album titled "STAR."  He explained that, "the album will feature guests, but we want to make as much of the album between us 5 members as possible.  The five of us are each points on a star.  That is the meaning behind the title."  This new album news also came with the announcement of a national tour, which will be one of the biggest solo tours ever for the group.

"STAR" will be the 8th original album from RIP SLYME and is currently planned for release on March 2nd.  Track list and release details will be announced at a later date.  The "RIP SLYME STAR TOUR 2011" will start on April 1st and has 28 performances planned for 24 cities.



「RIP SLYME SWEET 10 X'mas LIVE」December 25th  Zepp Tokyo Set List:

01. Supreme
02. SCAR
05. Rakuen Baby
07. Good Times
08. Minute Maid
09. Tasogare Surround
10. Niji
11. One(CHIRSTMAS CLASSIC version)
12. Journey
13. Hoshi ni Negai wo
14. Watch Out!
15. Medley(By the Way~DISCO-MMUNICATION~FRESH~Tonight~Supa Sonic)
16. Good Day~adidas remix~
17. Wonderful
EN-01. Zatsunen Entertainment
EN-03. Present
W EN-01. Mata Aoubi Made 2010~冨田流~



April 1st - Saitama - Kawaguchi Lilia Main Hall
April 7th - Chiba - Chiba Cultural Hall
April 9th - Ibaraki - Ibaraki Cultural Center
April 10th - Tochigi - Utsunomiya Cultural Hall
April 15th - Kanagawa - Kanagawa Prefectural Hall
April 17th - Shizuoka - Shizuoka Cultural Hall
April 21st - Hyogo - Kobe Kokusai Hall
April 22nd - Shiga - Shiga Biwako Hall
April 24th - Nara - Nara 100 Hall
May 13th - Kagoshima - Kagoshima Cultural Hall
May 15th - Nagasaki - Nagasaki Brick Hall
May 19th - Okayama - Kurashiki City Auditorium
May 21st - Kagawa - Alpha Anabuki Hall
May 28th - Niigata - Niigata Prefectural Hall
May 29th - Ishikawa - Kanazawa Matsu no Hiji Hall
June 11th - Hiroshima - Hiroshima Cultural Hall
June 12th - Hiroshima - Hiroshima Cultural Hall
June 16th - Iwate - Morioka Civic Culture Hall
June 17th - Miyagi - Sendai Sunrise Hall
June 19th - Hokkaido - Nitori Cultural Hall
June 23rd - Fukuoka - Fukuoka Sun Place Hotel and Hall
June 24th - Fukuoka - Fukuoka Sun Place Hotel and Hall
June 30th - Aichi - Nagoya City Hall
July 1st - Aichi - Nagoya City Hall
July 9th - Osaka - Osaka Castle Hall
July 12th - Tokyo - Nippon Budokan
July 13th - Tokyo - Nippon Budokan
July 18th - Okinawa - Okinawa Convention Center

Source & photos : natalie


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