Takeda Tetsuya's "Kinpachi Sensei" to retire in March

January 22, 2011 @ 5:50 am
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The special drama for "Kinpachi Sensei", starring Takeda Tetsuya as a teacher, will be broadcasted on TBS by the end of March.  With that special epiode, the series will come to an end after a miraculous 32 year run.

The first season of the school drama was broadcasted back in 1979, and there are have been 12 special episodes for the series since then.  The drama featured many social issues from the respective time periods, such as pregnancy, bullying, gender identity disorders, drugs, and a lot more.

In the final episode, Sakamoto Kinpachi will retire as a teacher and leave school.  Takeda says, "Of course I feel sad about it, but it feels more like a weight is about to be lifted from my shoulders.  Since we have been reaching after "real", there should be retirement, and the retirement was the goal I have had."  He also said proudly that the drama made how Takeda Tetsuya looks now.

Ever since the series has started, there have been about 240 students who graduated under "Kinpachi Sensei", and for the final episode, they plan to gather as many former students as possible.

The special drama is temporary titled "Kinpachi Sensei Final", and the shooting will start next week.

Source & Image: Sports Hochi


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