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February 27, 2011 @ 9:46 am
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Nine member band TOKYO SKA PARADISE ORCHESTRA (aka SKAPARA) will be releasing a new single on March 16th, titled "Break into the Light ~Yakusoku no Boshi~/ The Sharing Song ~Toriko Theme~".

The CD cover jackets have been released, and they feature the characters from the popular manga ONE PIECE and TORIKO. This special collaboration is due to the fact that SKAPARA will be singing the theme songs for the double feature movie, "ONE PIECE 3D~Mugiwara Chase~" and "TORIKO 3D ~Kaimaku Gourmet Adventure~", which comes out on March 19th.

SKAPARA members saw the CD cover jackets while shooting the music video for the ONE PIECE song, and members were blown away with how cool the jackets looked. Trumpet player NARGO commented, saying, "It's like a dream that the characters of ONE PIECE and TORIKO are wearing the same suits and holding the same instruments as us on our cover jacket!"

SKAPARA will also be releasing a mini album titled "HEROES", which will include SKAPARA's original songs that are being used as the insert songs from both movies.  The cover jacket for the mini album will be a 3D version of the ONE PIECE/TORIKO illustration. Nargo commented, "It would be great if people went out and got the 3D version of the cover as well!"

The characters on the cover are as follows: Luffy: GAMO (Tenor Saxophone), Zoro: Motegi Kinichi (Drums), Sanji: Kato Takashi (Guitar), Nami: Kawakami Tsuyoshi (Bass), Chopper: Omori Hajime (Percussion), Usopp: Kitahara Masahiko (Trombone), Brook: Oki Yuichi (Keyboard), Robin: NARGO (Trumpet), Franky: Yanaka Atsushi (Baritone Saxophone), and Toriko (Vocals).

Source & Photo: Oricon Style


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