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UNICORN to release new album + single

March 31, 2011 @ 12:32 pm
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Rock band UNICORN has announced that they will be releasing their first full album in over two years!

The album is titled "Z" and is scheduled to drop on May 25th, more than two years since their album "Chambre" was released in February 2009. "Z" will be the band's second original album since they got back together in 2009, and much like the band's record, "SPRINGMAN" - which was released sixteen years after they originally disbanded in 1993 - and their 1994 best album, "THE VERY RUST OF UNICORN", "Z" is expected to top the charts.

UNICORN will also be releasing a double A-side single titled "Digital Soup / Butabuta" on April 27th. "Butabuta" has already been picked up as the theme song to the movie "Kore de Ii no da!! Eiga ★ Akatsuka Fujio", which tells the life story of the late manga artist Fujio Akatsuka. A DVD of the band recording in Los Angeles is included the limited edition of the single.

Check out the full track lists for both releases below!


< "Digital Soup / Butabuta" CD Track List >
01. Digital Soup
02. Butabuta

< "Digital Soup / Butabuta" DVD Track List >
MOVIE20 Uc Goes To Hollywood


< "Z" Track List >
01. Tano Mitai ze
02. Z LIFE
03. Digital Soup
04. Teshimaisamu Monogatari
07. Ashita
08. Yumemira
09. Ultra Heaven Super Mild
10. Orange Juice
11. Ii Ame
12. Raging Bull
13. Saraba Bitch
14. Hadaka no Taiyou


Source: Oricon & UNICORN's Official Website


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