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Minegishi Minami takes over AKB48 for 'Kaspersky Internet Security'

September 7, 2011 @ 7:36 am
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On September 6th, AKB48's Minegishi Minami attended a press conference for Kaspersky’s 2012 security software, "Kaspersky Internet Security", as their CM character.

The conference began with an official apology from Minegishi herself, who felt sorry for the confusion caused by her "takeover" of AKB48's photos and videos. Minegishi had replaced every member's faces with her own, and they were leaked onto the internet because she wasn't using virus protection software.

As it turns out, this was a deliberate campaign move for "Kaspersky Internet Security". Still, Minegishi felt sorry for the confusion caused by the "takeover", which caused some fans to feel upset. Wearing a professional black suit and glasses, Minegishi said, "I deeply apologize for the trouble I’ve caused to the world."

She continued, "Those pictures were originally made as a hobby when AKB48's singles were released. I started making them since 'Beginner', then showed member Kojima Haruna, who said, 'It's funny', so I've been making them ever since. Slowly, I felt happiness as I got better at it." At the end of her speech, she claimed, "I didn't think it was a bad thing. I don't know how it happened, but with this, I want to study more about security."

After her apology, Minegishi reappeared in a green outfit. When the MC asked about her feelings on being the CM character, she smiled and responded, "I was very excited, as this was my first solo CM. The contents were different from previous works, so I'm excited for everyone to watch it. My parents are also happy." Then, she shared an episode from the CM shoot, saying, "It was different from previous CMs; I spent a whole day in green tights."

Regarding the completion of the CM, Minegishi expressed, "I think it turned out to be something you can laugh at, and my face is all over the place to the point where you’ll grow sick of me. So I hope everyone will learn more about Minegishi." She wrapped up the conference with, "Now that I've come this far, I can’t go back. I want to make everything Minegishi."

Minegishi's Kaspersky CM will begin broadcasting on September 9th. On that same day, the security company will kick off their "Kaspersky x AKB48 Minegishi Flying Get" campaign, and those who purchase the software will receive a mp3 present called, "Minegishi Original Flying Get Full Version MP3". Additionally, a lucky 1,000 people will get a chance to win a DVD that contains a special PV for "Flying Get", which stars Minegishi alone.

Meanwhile, on the campaign website, a generator has been prepared for users to change the faces and names on various websites into Minegishi. It also features Minegishi's CM, making-of clips, and posters.

Check out the 'Minegishi Takeover' version of "Flying Get" below, as well as posters and pictures from the press conference!



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