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Utada Hikaru thanks fans for her 13th anniversary!

December 12, 2011 @ 3:17 am
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Utada Hikaru (28) is currently on hiatus from activities, but she still posted a tweet on the day of her 13th anniversary on the 10th. She wrote, “Yesterday was the 13th anniversary of my debut! Even though I have been on hiatus for a year already, I received a lot of congratulations, thank you so much “(`(エ)´)ノ彡☆ !!

Shortly afterwards fans started asking Utada what she has been up to. Utada answered, “It’s been a while, but yesterday I went to the dentist to get my teeth cleaned. The dentist said I had a ‘small mouth’.” To which she posted an illustration of afterwards.

Source: Ameba News & Utada Hikaru Twitter


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