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Ms.OOJA to provide theme song for upcoming drama, "Renai NEET"

January 11, 2012 @ 1:42 pm
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It's just been confirmed that singer-songwriter Ms.OOJA will be providing the theme song for the upcoming drama 'Renai NEET ~Wasureta Koi no Hajime Kata~'!

Titled "Be...", the song was written specifically for the drama after Ms.OOJA read the script. As tokyohive previously reported, 'Renai NEET' features actress Nakama Yukie as the main character, a woman who hasn't had a boyfriend in eight years. The series  is said to be a romantic comedy that paints the story of six men and women who have strayed from the path of love.

Ms.OOJA - who happens to be the same age as the protagonist - was asked to write the theme song by the program's producer, who was impressed by the singer's ability to express herself in her music. When Ms. OOJA finished writing the song, she visited the location where the drama was being filmed.

I wrote (the lyrics) in my style, scooping them out from a cold place deep inside my heart. Please listen to it," she stated while handing a CD with the theme song on it to Nakama herself.

When asked to speak more about her new song "Be...", Ms.OOJA replied, "I feel it's a song that even I have confidence in, and am ready to deliver. From now on I'm going to polish myself up, because I'd like to appear on a 'nationally popular music program' at the end of the year."

"Be..." will be released as a single on February 29th. The ringtone will become available through Recochoku on January 18th. Meanwhile, the drama begins airing on January 20th.

Stay tuned for more about Ms.OOJA's new single!

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