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Kanda Akemi, Tamura Yukari, Horie Yui to voice act for "AKB0048"

February 27, 2012 @ 4:08 am
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It's been announced that three popular voice actresses will be voice acting for the upcoming anime, "AKB0048".

The story of "AKB0048" takes place in the 21st Century, when man-kind is forced to leave Earth due to a world war over interplanetary travel technology. Entertainment becomes heavily regulated and idols groups slowly die out. However, one idol group called 'AKB0048' manages to rise up by inheriting the spirit of the legendary AKB48.

The three actresses will provide their voices for the 'succession members', who have succeeded the names of the current real-life members of AKB48.

Kanda Akemi will play 'Yuko', the 9th generation idol who will succeed the name of Oshima Yuko. She commented, "I always listen to AKB48's songs when I want to liven up my mood! Oshima-san is very impressive because her smile is like the sun. She is a very talented singer and dancer, I can feel that she has a very strong heart. I'm nervous to play the role of an actual person, but I will do my best!"

Tamura Yukari will play 'Mayuyu', the third model idol based on Watanabe Mayu. She commented, "I never thought I would be participating in it! I'm very happy. Watanabe Mayu-san will be participating as a voice actress herself, so I'm nervous to play the anime-version Mayuyu-chan in front of her. But I hope to express Mayuyu-chan's cuteness and charm to my heart's content."

Finally, Horie Yui will play 'Yukirin', the 6th generation idol who will succeed the name of Kashiwagi Yuki. She commented, "I always watch AKB48 on tv, and I've been to their concerts. So I'm very excited about this anime adaptation! At the same time, I feel the pressure, but I want to play the role with all my might!"

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