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Fujimoto Miki says she's anxious about giving birth

March 21, 2012 @ 1:07 pm
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On March 20th, Fujimoto Miki (27) was in attendance for the announcement of NTV’s new television show “MAMA MOCOMO TV”, which will begin airing on April 2nd.

Fujimoto and her husband Shoji Tomoharu (36) are expected to deliver their first child on March 31st and this will be Fujimoto’s last job before the delivery. Fujimoto held her large stomach and confessed, “I’m getting anxious, because after delivering the baby I’ll be raising a child and I’m like ‘How are you supposed to be a ‘mother’!?

The couple are also doting on their child already, “My hubby always praises me by saying things like, ‘The shape of your stomach is incredibly cute.

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