More cast members revealed for new drama 'Mikeneko Holmes no Suiri'

March 18, 2012 @ 10:17 pm
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As previously reported, Arashi member Aiba Masaki will be starring in NTV's new drama 'Mikeneko Holmes no Suiri' as a detective named Katayama Yoshitaro.

This drama tells the story of Katayama who becomes a detective in order to comply with the dying wish of his father who was a famous detective himself. Katayama is currently with MPD’s First Investigation Division, although he’s not cut out to be a detective at all. He not only cannot stand the sight of blood, but is also terribly afraid of heights, women, and ghosts. One day, Katayama meets a cat with three colors of fur (‘mikeneko’) who goes by the name of Holmes (played by Matsuko Deluxe) that can understand humans and also possesses brilliant reasoning skills. The duo forms a team and manages to solve various difficult cases together.

Now, the other cast members for the drama have been revealed.  As older brother of Katayama, Katayama Hiroshi will be played by Fujiki Naohito, while Omasa Aya will be appearing as their younger sister, Katayama Harumi.  Katayama's co-worker, Detective Ishizu will be played by Okura Tadayoshi (Kanjani 8), and Ishizaka Koji will be their boss, Chief Kurihara.

'Mikeneko Holmes no Suiri' will start airing in April on NTV every Saturday at 9PM.

Source & Image: NTV official site


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