AKB48's new tv program to feature Maeda Atsuko's drivers license challenge

April 11, 2012 @ 7:06 pm
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AKB48's new program, 'AKB Jidousha-bu', will begin airing on Fuji TV from April 28th at 1:35 am.

During this year's coming-of-age ceremony, member Maeda Atsuko commented, "I want to try driving a car. There is no AKB member with a driver's license, so I want to be the first to obtain it." Upon hearing this, producer Akimoto Yasushi started the 'AKB Jidousha-bu' (AKB Automobile Club) on Google+, and 48 members have already joined the club.

The new program will feature Maeda's challenge in obtaining her driver's license. It will get a close up of the idol finding time in her busy schedule to attend driving school to the day she actually holds her license in her hands.

Aside from this, the members of AKB48 will share the enjoyment of their 'life with a car' while going on drives with various guests.

Maeda commented, "It was a dream of mine after turning 20, and I want this to push people in my generation to get their driver's license. I wasn't able to participate in club activities as a student, so I'm happy to be a part of the 'jidousha-bu'. I will do my best while imagining myself in a car!"

Source & Image: natalie


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