Full trailer for summer blockbuster 'Brave Hearts: Umizaru' revealed

May 1, 2012 @ 1:47 pm
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After the first teaser in February, distributor Toho has now released the full trailer for their upcoming summer blockbuster 'Brave Hearts: Umizaru'.

Brave Hearts' is the fourth movie in the 'Umizaru' live-action series about rescue diver Senzaki Daisuke (Ito Hideaki) and his comrades of the Japanese Coast Guard. This time, they have adapted the greatest maritime accident from the original manga – a jumbo-jet forced to do an emergency landing in the sea.

With the previous two movies grossing 7.1 billion Yen (88.8 million USD) and 8 billion Yen (100 million USD) respectively, 'Brave Hearts: Umizaru' is expected to raise the bar even further with a revenue of over 10 billion Yen (125 million USD), thanks to its release during the summer holidays.

The cast is once again made up of Ito Hideaki, Kato Ai, Sato Ryuta, Miura Shohei, and Tokito Saburo, who will reprise their characters from the previous movies. However, Senzaki and his buddy Yosioka Tetsuya (Sato) are now part of a special rescue unit that is made up of 36 of the best people the Japanese Coast Guard has to offer. The new characters include the girlfriend of Yoshioka, played by Naka Riisa, who's also a cabin attendant on board of the said jumbo-jet, the captain of the jumbo-jet played by Hirayama Hiroyuki, and the new squad leader played by Ihara Tsuyoshi.

The trailer begins with the jumbo-jet losing an engine in an explosion, which forces the captain to do an emergency landing in the sea. Senzaki and the rest of the special unit are in charge of the rescue operation. As typical of the series, it's not just about the rescue operation itself, but also about the bonds between the comrades and their loved ones. Che'Nelle's theme song "Believe", as it was announced last month, helps to enhance the emotions of the characters in the trailer and in the movie.

'Brave Hearts' has been in post-production since the end of the filming on December 13th last year. It's expected to reach its final stage by June and to open in cinemas nationwide on July 13th.

You can check out the trailer below!


Source: Cinema Today


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