Hasegawa Rie's agency announces her marriage and pregnancy

May 28, 2012 @ 3:23 pm
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On May 28th, it was reported that model / talent Hasegawa Rie will officially register her marriage on June 3rd.

Hasegawa's agency sent a fax report out to the media which stated, "She has a new life inside of her, and she's expecting a baby around the beginning of November."

According to the report, she will continue to work up until a month before the childbirth is expected. She is planning to resume her entertainment activities after she gives birth. No press conference will be held regarding to her marriage and pregnancy announcement.

As we reported before, Hasegawa just broke up with actor Kanda Masaki on last January, and then she started have a relationship with Kusumoto Shujiro who is a representative director of a cafe company. Weekly gossip magazine, Josei Seven had reported her pregnancy last month, however until today, there was no official announcement about that from Hasegawa herself and her agency.

When her pregnancy reported on April, her ex Kanda stated "It was surprised, wasn't it? However, it's not me(the baby's father)!"


Source & Image: Daily sports online


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