Matsuzaka Tori chosen as the new CM character for "ACUO"

May 8, 2012 @ 8:01 am
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On May 7th, actor Matsuzaka Tori (23) appeared at a press conference in Tokyo where it was revealed that he will be the character in the new CM for Lotte brand gum ACUO.

The CM, which will air starting May 8, will have a comedic touch as it portrays Matsuzaka as a young business man who challenges his superior to a kung fu battle. He appeared shy as he did a high-pitched Bruce Lee shout and stated, “I looked at kung fu performances, and did interpretations of it myself. I've never shouted with that high-pitched of a voice before.

Moreover, he honestly revealed, “My room is very dirty.” In honor of the unusual CM, comedian and “daring entertainer”, Yoshimura Takashi (31) of the comedic duo Heisei Nobushikobushi, “trespassed” into the press conference and expressed his concern for the handsome Matsuzaka with, “(My) junior Watanabe Naomi did not clean up the room and became corpulent, so be careful if you are fat and flabby.”

Source + Image: Sanspo


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