Ketsumeishi to appear in a commercial for the first time in 10 years

June 8, 2012 @ 1:01 pm
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Popular hip-pop group Ketsumeishi has confirmed that they will be appearing in a commercial for the first time in ten years!

The group will be appearing in a CM for KIRIN's 'Tanrei <Nama>' alcoholic drink alongside actor Satou Kouichi. Ketsumeishi will also be covering the song "Volare ~Nel Blu, Dipinto Di Blu" for the commercial, which will be their first cover song.

In the CM, the group is hanging out on the beach on a beautiful day with a bright blue sky. When they call out to Satou to share a drink with them under the sun, they toast their drinks together to celebrate the lovely weather. Satou also bumps a soccer ball to the group with his head, which they kick back passionately for an 'active' vibe.

In addition to not being used to shooting for commercials, the shoot marked the first time they worked together with veteran actor Satou, so at first it was said that they seemed very nervous about filming. After talking, however, Satou and Ketsumeishi gradually opened up to one another and hit it off fairly well, talking excitedly back and forth. During the toast scene where they jump into the air and say "Cheers!", for example, the group of men had a hard time toasting beer mugs at the same hight and had to re-shoot the scene a lot. However, with advice from Sato, they tried once again and were able to film the final version at last.

Ketsumeishi's cover of "Volare~" will be included as a coupling track on their upcoming single "LOVE LOVE Summer", which will be released on July 11th. The version on the cover song will be a 'Japanese ver.' separate from the one in the commercial.

The CM airs nationwide beginning on June 8th, but until then, check out the screenshots below!

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Source + Images: Oricon


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