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Kumada Yoko walks the runway while 8 months pregnant

September 9, 2012 @ 12:14 am
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On September 8, talent Kumada Yoko (30), who married in April and is currently pregnant, appeared at the “Kobe Collection 2012 AUTUMN/WINTER” show at the World Kinen Hall in Kobe.

This is her first fashion show since her marriage to a businessman (29) and her pregnancy announcement in July.  She wore a white mini wedding dress that showed off her bust that has gone 3 sizes up from an F to an I and leisurely walked the runway; she spoke about her pregnancy with, “Even though one person is walking, there are two people.  I am happy.”

Kumada's appearance on the stage suddenly became like a public press conference after other models likeOshikiri Moe (32) also gathered on the runway.  Kumada revealed that “It is now the 8th month [of my pregnancy],” and showed off her wedding ring on her left hand while she stated fondly, “The best part of getting married is that you can be together with the person you love the most before you fall asleep and that person will be by your side in the morning.”

Oshikiri stated with jealousy, “I envy you~.


Source and Image: Sanspo


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