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JOKER announces the release of their 1st album + nationwide tour

October 15, 2012 @ 3:57 pm
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On October 13th, rock duo JOKER, made up of singer/actor Kato Kazuki and singer-songwriter Date Koji, held a release event for their new single, "Rolling Life" (released October 10th), at Lazona Kawasaki.

During the event, Kato announced, "Our 1st album will be released on December 5th. To accompany the album, we will be holding a nationwide tour, so please look forward to it." In response, the crowd of 4,000 fans let out a shout of joy.

Aside "Rolling Life", JOKER performed their debut number, "No.1", and "Kinou Dekita Bakari", a song written and composed by Kato himself. They excited the audience with a total of 4 songs.

JOKER's 1st album will be titled "OVER", and it will be released in 3 different versions: CD+DVD 1, CD+DVD 2, and CD-Only. Meanwhile, their nationwide tour, 'JOKER LIVE TOUR 2012-2013', is scheduled to kick off on December 14th at Sendai darwin.

Take a look at pictures from JOKER's release event below!

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Sources: Oricon, Avex


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