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Kawabata Kaname to provide ending theme for new 'Berserk' movie

November 15, 2012 @ 2:57 am
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It's been revealed that CHEMISTRY's Kawabata Kaname will be providing the ending theme for the upcoming anime film, 'Berserk Ougon no Jidai-hen: Kourin' (February 1st release).

The film is based on Miura Kentaro's popular manga 'Berserk', and it is the 3rd and final chapter of the movie series. The ending theme will be "breakthrough", a song that Kawabata has had in mind since before his solo debut. It will be arranged by Sagisu Shirou, who is in charge of the film's music.

On providing the theme song, Kawabata commented, "I had the opportunity to meet 'Berserk' through manga and anime during my teenage years. It's a work that I love, so I remember that I was really excited when I received the offer!" He continued, "It would make me happy if the 'cry' of the gut that I feel and my feelings of wanting to move forward will be delivered through this song."

"breakthrough" will be released as Kawabata's 2nd single on January 30th.

Source & Image: natalie


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