Monkickey and Yamakawa Erika appear at a music event

November 18, 2012 @ 7:54 pm
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On November 17, comedian Monkickey and his pregnant wife, talent Yamakawa Erika (30), appeared as guests at the “Fuufu de Kanaderu Ensemble no Hi” (“Couples Music Ensemble Day”) event in Tokyo.

This is the first public appearance the couple has made since they announced Yamakawa’s second pregnancy on the first of this month.  Monkickey anticipated the birth of his first son as he stated, “According to my wife, we will have a boy.”  Yamakawa’s due date is in early March and she smiled as she said, “Since we already have a daughter (2 years old), this son will add balance.”

Yamakawa commented on Monkickey’s performance with, “The baby kicked.”  (Monkickey studied the violin for half a year when he was 12.)  Monkickey commented with a touch of humor on Yamakawa’s performance on the piano and of the nursery rhyme “Ai Ai” with, “I would like to perform in an ensemble of 4 in the future.”

Source and Image: Sanspo


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