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BUMP OF CHICKEN to release their 1st live DVD/Blu-ray in March

December 19, 2012 @ 6:00 pm
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It was announced that popular rock band BUMP OF CHICKEN will be releasing their live DVD/Blu-ray Disc "BUMP OF CHICKEN GOLD GLIDER TOUR 2012" on March 6, 2013. This will be the very first time for the band's live footage to be released since they made their major debut back in September of 2000.

The live DVD/Blu-ray will contain footage of the first day (July 3rd) of their 4-day concert at the Yoyogi National Gymnasium which a part of their nation-wide arena tour held during April ~ July of this year. It will also include an opening movie that was produced by filmmaker Yamazaki Takashi who is known for his "ALWAYS Sanchoume no Yuhi" series. Additionally, their "Smile" performance from Sekisui Heim Super Arena in Miyagi, that the illustrations exclusively drawn by Manga-ka Inoue Takehiko formed the backdrop for the performance will also be include.

There will also be a photo booklet that will consist of the photos from the live taken by Hirama Itaru. The photo booklet for the limited edition will be a 48-page long which is double the regular edition, and the limited edition will also come with a bonus live CD that will be about 70 minutes long.

Check out the track list for "BUMP OF CHICKEN GOLD GLIDER TOUR 2012" below.


<Track list>

01. Mitsuboshi Quartet
02. Uchuu Hikoushi e no Tegami
04. Zero
05. Tomodachi no Uta
06. Smile
07. Good Luck
08. Harujion
09. sailing day
10. embrace
11. Hoshi no Tori ~Mayday
12. Innocent
13. supernova
14. beautiful glider
15. Karma
16. Tentai Kansoku
17. Glass no Blues
・"Smile" from Miyagi Sekisui Heim Super Arena on July 14th 2012
・「Good Luck」PHOTO(※The photos of the members and the audience taken at each venue after the live)
・OPENING MOVIE produced by Yamazaki Takashi

<Bonus CD> *Limited Edition DVD/Blu-ray only
- Track list unknown (from the live concert on July 3rd 2012 at the Yoyogi National Gymnasium)


Source & Image: natalie


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